A Case Of You

My sister died at the beginning of 2014 after a short illness. Her death was unexpected, but not surprising. For the previous 30 years, she had experienced mental health issues and related alcoholism. When she was 12, her Raggedy Ann doll began telling her that she was worthless and a bad person; around this time she started drinking.

My work here illustrates the difficult last eight years of her life. At holiday gatherings, she often exhibited quiet disconnection and unease due to some combination of paranoia, depression, alcohol and mind-clouding medication. She rarely went out in public. These photos show how small her world had become, a situation that, despite my family's hopes, never improved.

A Case Of You photographs by Lee Kilpatrick

Washington Street gallery 321D Washington Street Somerville
November 7-28 2015 Saturdays 12-4 PM